From the Children's Collections of Ruth Crawford Seeger
Saturday, June 8, 2013, 2:00pm
Malvina Reynolds Room - Room #324

Ruth Crawford Seeger published two landmark collections of children's music, American Folk Songs for Children and Animal Folksongs for Children. The result of scholarly research and careful transcription, these are full of delightful songs and singing games. Ed'n'Dale will present a selection for your enjoyment and participation. All ages welcome!

Dale Allen Boland studied Orff-Schulwerk-Music and Movement for Children at Mills College and Sound+Music Healing at CIIS. She has led musical activities for Bay Area folks of all ages -- especially the very young and the very old -- for many years. Join Dale to Sing Your Way Home on Wednesday afternoons at the Albany Public Library.

Ed Silberman's engaging storytelling, lively harmonica playing, and resonant singing have made him a favorite of youngsters in the Bay Area. And oldsters, too. For more information, please call Ed at 510-655-7087.