Balkan Dance for Everyone!
Heather Thompson and David Buchanan
Sunday, June 9, 2013, 2:00pm
Dance 1 - Room #226

We'll learn fun and easy line dances done to beautiful music from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia and Romania. These are dances the whole community takes part in during weddings, parties, yearly celebrations. No experience or partners needed!

Heather Thompson and David Buchanan have led a popular circle dance/folk dance group in Nashville, Tennessee for many years. They finally 'saw the light' and moved to the Bay Area a few months ago, and will be making their teaching debut at the Free Folk Festival. They are wonderful dancers, clear and charming teachers, and have a large Balkan repertoire, including things like these, done primarily as non-partner dances in a circle: Aide Jano, Astai Hora Mare, Cherkassia Kfula, Ekizlisko Oro, Elenska Racenitsa, Tsamikos, Hassapiko, Hora Lui Dobrica, Kalamatianos, Kolo from Srem, Makedonska, Osogovsko, Sar Planina, and many more.