Bavarian Folk Dance
Chris Mobley and Remington Stone
Sunday, June 9, 2013, 4:00pm
Dance 1 - Room #226

This is a dance style you may have seen during Oktoberfest. We'll start with a simple couples figure dance. Then we'll move on to a more energetic dance style called Schuhplattling.

Christopher began his dance experience upon moving to the East Bay in 2002. He's practiced ballroom and various forms of folk dances. He joined a Bavarian dance group in 2009, and has been slapping his Lederhosen clad thighs ever since.

Remington Stone danced for several years with the Golden Gate Bavarian Club, performing Bavarian folkdances at Oktoberfests, Maifests, and similar events throughout the Bay Area. Remington is also an accomplished Victorian and vintage ballroom dancer, performing at the annual Dickens Christmas Fair, with the Vintage Invaders, and occasionally with PEERS. He is justly celebrated as a strong lead who can get almost anyone up and dancing!