Joshua Lowe & the Juncos
Saturday, June 8, 2013, 4:00pm
Woody Guthrie Stage - Cafeteria

Here's what they're saying about Joshua Lowe and the Juncos.

"Ripping their way through the American roots music landscape in high-energy style, the Santa Cruz-based Juncos are a down-home band that is more throwback than revival. With an appreciation for the acoustic life and a gather-'round-the-mic-y'all recording style, this is a group that understands the strength of a good song and how to let it stand on it's own. They can coax the sweet out of some harmonies, get the floorboards jumping with their foot-stomping tunes and wind their way through just about any roots-based genre. From jug music and rockabilly to folk, honkytonk and old-timey, the Juncos whip up a thick and hearty musical stew." - SC Weekly, June 2011

"Joshua Lowe (lead singer and songwriter) has one foot in the American roots past with songs about down and out drunkards, sick of love ramblers, and snow bound ghosts. With a sense for both storytelling and poetics Joshua Lowe has been dubbed "his generations Woody Guthrie, a great teller of tales," by the infamous acoustic engineer, Cookie Marenco, co-founder of Blue Coast Records and owner of OTR studios in Belmont, CA. (

"There's a homegrown sensibility about The Juncos. Perhaps it's their name-a little local bird that's busy, territorial, not particularly shy, but also not well known. Or perhaps it's the resonant chord that strikes deep within the band: no matter what befalls the world at large, The Juncos will keep playing. Spearheaded by locals Josh Lowe (banjo, guitar and vocals) and Jeff Kissell (double bass and vocals), The Juncos are the assimilation of indie roots, Americana, old jazz standards, jug band, honky-tonk, bluegrass, field hollers, and the occasional Pogues tune. Gathered around a wooden table, cluttered with tattooed forearms and beer, at one of their favorite haunts-The Crepe Place-Kissell finds parallels for their timeless acoustic tunes: "I think there is a strong connection between punk and American roots music. We are not beholden to any given style. Like punk, we are based on people just getting together and playing, and not going to school to study it. We play for people to have a good time and it comes from all these other forms-the punk rock idea of 'just do it,' and if you don't know how to do it, figure out how to do it." From street corners to folk festivals, these troubadours have no intention of clipping their wings. - Good Times, July 2011