Kapalakiko Hawaiian Band with dancers
Sunday, June 9, 2013, 5:25-6:10pm
Faith Petric Stage - Auditorium

The Kapalakiko Hawaiian Band was formed in 1984 with the goal to preserve, perpetuate and promote the culture of Hawai'i. Our name Kapalakiko is from the Hawaiian word for San Francisco. Even though our performances are centered in the San Francisco Bay area, they also radiate throughout the state of California, nationally within the United States, back to our ??ina [homeland] of Hawai?i and into the international sphere of World Music. We perform not only to entertain our audiences, but to cultivate their knowledge about the rich history of Hawai?i through music and dance. We provide "the good stuff" in the mele ku?i tradition. We use both traditional and western instruments and the various genres of Hawaiian music to emphasize the beauty of the Hawaiian language, lyrics, and poetry to complement the hula.

The Kapalakiko Hawaiian Band is an ?ohana [family] of Hawaiian music performers made up mostly of Overseas Hawaiians and Hawaiians at heart who are working to preserve and perpetuate the unique Hawaiian culture and local lifestyle. The basic performing unit of the band is a trio, but can be tailored to fit your event. We come with our aloha colors and our own sound system, so performances can be either acoustical or amplified electronically.