Maurice Tani and 77 el Deora
Sunday, June 9, 2013, 6:00pm
Woody Guthrie Stage - Cafeteria

San Francisco-born singer-songwriter Maurice Tani is best known these days as the force behind the Califorigraphic Hillbilly Noir group, 77 El Deora. He has spent the past dozen years as an active part of the California alt-country/Americana scene and produced a series of albums for himself and others. His latest is the just-released fourth 77 El Deora studio album, "Blue Line". Next up, due this summer, is a collection of acoustic duo and trio arrangements with 77 El Deora bassist Mike Anderson and a host of guest players, entitled "Two Stroke".

Jeff Moon says: It would be easy for a casual passer by to classify this band as country, honky tonk, or americana. When you listen closer can hear that Maurice's songwriting influences are all over the map. Some songs are Latin flavored, some European, some who knows where or what. He's also not afraid to break out of traditional songwriting structures such as you usual verse chorus verse chorus bridge etc. He has an ability to let the song go exactly where it needs to.