Beginning Fingerpicking for Guitar Players
Kay Eskenazi
Saturday, June 8, 2013, 3:00pm
Music 3 - Room #212

Fingerpick your guitar accompaniments to folk, blues, and popular songs. Join our entry level class in Travis Picking technique (also known as 'Thumb Picking', and 'Cotton Picking'). Within an hour, you can learn the basics and more. Kay will provide handouts for use during class, so please bring a music stand and guitar.

Kay Eskenazi teaches guitar throughout the Bay Area. In her playing, she uses fingerpicking to create various grooves including folk, bossa nova, baiao, swing, blues, and pop. Kay is a friendly, inclusive teacher. She observes students carefully, responds to their concerns, and has experience in helping resolve all kinds of problems. Kay is a founder and director of From Women's Hearts and Hands Guitar Camp.