Intermediate Ukulele Strumming
Bill Trainor
Sunday, June 9, 2013, 1:00pm
Music 3 - Room #212

To get the maximum benefit from this workshop, you should be very comfortable with these basic strums: Common Strum (Down Up Down Up), Boom Chucka (Down Pause Down Up), and Boom Chucka Chucka (Down Pause Down Up Down Up). You will learn Backbeat strums, strums with Afro-Cuban rhythms, Triplet-based strums, and Rasguedo-based strums. Bill will lead the group through each of these strums, and will give example songs for the various strums. If time permits, you will play some of these songs at the end of the workshop.

Bill has taught individual lessons, classes, and workshops for eight years at his private studio, and has also taught at the Davis Experimental College, Learning Exchange, Sacramento Parks and Recreation, and the Oregon Country Fair. His philosophy is "Master the fundamentals, and the rest is easy."