Introduction to Bodhran
Rob Wilson
Saturday, June 8, 2013, 5:00pm
Music 1 - Room #108

The bodhran is an instrument that can, in the right hands, replace a string bass, thickening and developing the sound of the lead instruments. It can also be as melodic as a pizza box. At a minimum, it can give an ensemble a solid beat. At best, it creates a groove that liberates and stabilizes the improvisation of the lead instruments. Played against a vocalist or a single flute or fiddle, a bodhran can create or elevate a mood, enhance the performance, and ground & free the soloist. This class for beginners will cover each hand's position and use, beginning beats for jig and reel, phrasing, understanding how to approach sessions and the common courtesy therein. Play against recorded music will be immediate. 6 entry level drums and beaters will be provided to students - first come first served, and shared around. If you have one, better that you bring your own.

Rob Wilson has been playing bodhran for over a decade as his principal instrument, and percussion in general for over 40 years. He has competed at the World Championship of Bodhran 3 times. Rob has toured Ireland twice and has been an integral part of three bands, West of Shannon, Mosquito Wilson & Mairead's Venom. He performs on contract with several ensembles most notably with Margaret Davis & Kristopher Klover. He is a studio player: most recently on Leslie Fish's highly regarded "Avalon is Risen," produced by Kristoph Klover, and The Gallowglasses' new CD produced by Mike McNelly. Rob teaches private lessons at the Garden Gate Creativity Center in Berkeley, classes at the Oakland Public Conservatory of Music and can be reached at and 510-332-6539.