Three Beatles Songs on Guitar
Jeannine Menger
Sunday, June 9, 2013, 12:00pm
Music 3 - Room #212

Hands on play and learn with charts and words. Please come for any or all of the workshop. Jeanine requests that you be on time as she does not want to repeat material already done.

BEGINNER: "Norwegian Wood". Famous and easy one chord song. You only need open chords at first position for this.

INTERMEDIATE: "Blackbird". We will be doing my picking method and playing the album arrangement. This covers 100% of the neck but is a two finger chord shape

ADVANCED: "Mother Nature's Son". This beautiful European sounding ballad is one of the most complex pieces to play the Beatles did. We will break it down to its 4 main elements, then show you how to string them together into the full song. There is one move that is a key element. We will take our time and cover that in detail.

Jeannine will provide charts, tab, and words, and will discuss as much in depth as one hour allows. Please note: getting through three songs in one hour means she needs to move fast. Sorry if she's not able to cover it all during the hour. She will be available after the workshop for follow up in the central area. If you really want to, she guarantees by sometime Sunday, you will know how to play these songs - workshop or not!

Jeannine Menger has been a fanatical Beatles fan since late 1963 when her older sister introduced her to "She Loves You". The Ed Sullivan show followed soon after and the rest is truly history. Soon after that Jeannine formed a band in grade school that played rock music for two years. She has been a dedicated musician since 1973, specializing in Beatles tunes. She has been in three other bands in her adult life, playing rock and folk-rock. She leads a popular monthly Beatles sing-a-long at the Chit Chat cafe, 'Sing The Beatles'. She comes to the Bay Area from San Diego. and