Working With - or Being - A Producer: Tips, Tricks, & When to Lie
Mark Lemaire
Saturday, June 8, 2013, 2:00pm
Music 2 - Room #108

Most great musicians understand a lot more about their music than about making a CD. In every studio session, SOMEONE becomes the producer, even if no one is selected for this job. Often it's the band leader. Or the engineer becomes the de-facto producer, even if no one gives him the title. How does that usually work?

What does a producer do, anyway? If you find yourself inadvertently wearing that hat, how do you wear it well? This workshop provides an overview and a few basic ideas to clarify these questions. It's for anyone who has made their own CD, is thinking they will soon, or just wants to know more about how it all works.

Mark Lemaire has been making his living in the studio as an engineer and producer for over thirty years. Clients range from classical, rock, and folk to categories that are-- well, hard to categorize. He brings intelligence, humor, and clarity to the music, regardless of the tradition and style.