Festival Site

Presidio Middle School
450 30th Ave, San Francisco (@ Geary)

School Description

The Presidio Middle School is located in the outer Richmond district of San Francisco. It is a grand old building, built in 1929, with art deco features and artistic tile work throughout. I takes up an entire city block, bordered by Geary Street to the south, California Street to the North, 29th and 30th Avenues to the east and west, respectively.

You can see some photos of Presidio at the School's Website.

School Layout

The school is large, and the layout can be confusing. It is basically a split-level L-shaped building, with an additional extension for the gymnasiums. We call the section along 30th Avenue the Main Corridor, and the middle door on 30th Avenue the Main Entrance. There are access ramps from 30th Avenue at both ends of the Main Corridor. The side extension, we call the Wing. The gymnasiums are in the back, off the Wing.

The building is three stories high, but due to the split level, there are six elevator stops.

The lowest level, elevator stop #1, is the first floor Wing, accessed through the courtyard in the back of the school.

The next level, elevator stop #2, is the first floor Main, It is at street level in the front, and up some stairs (or up one elevator stop) from the back entrances. The majority of festival activities occur on these first two levels.

The next level up, elevator stop #3, is the second floor Wing. All dance workshops are on this level.

The next level, elevator stop #4, is the second floor Main, which has additional music workshops.

The final level of the festival, elevator stop #5, is the third floor Wing, which has the family program and the Lead Belly stage.

There are no festival activities on the sixth level of the school.

Here is a map of the school showing all festival rooms and activity areas.

Site Accessibility

Festival activities are appropriate for all ages and all abilities. Due to the activities being mostly indoors, with crowded rooms and hallways, the only animals allowed inside the school are registered service dogs. The school is fully accessible, and has a published Access Guide.