The Pete Seeger Room
Location: Room #107

Despite its modest size, the Pete Seeger Room is an all acoustic venue that features wonderful performers with jumbo-sized talent. This is the place to really HEAR and EXPERIENCE your favorite music acts.

Saturday, June 21, 2014
12:00pm Brokin Jug Band
The Brokin Jug Band is an old time jug band that plays music from the early 1900s to the present. Members Wayne Hagen on jug, kazoo, washboard and mandolin and Forest Flanigan on guitar, ukulele and kazoo have been playing together since 2003 in assorted configurations. Come on out and see this unique act ... and be ready for the kazoo jam!
12:50pm Colonels Of Truth
Northern California Americana Neo Bluegrass Anti Folk Urban Gospel Alt Country.
1:35pm Wishing and Bone
Mix up a bunch of blues, folk, Americana, country, and two good friends who have playing together for 25 years and you have Wishing and Bone.
2:20pm Peter Krug
Peter has been writing songs for over 50 years, mainly to express himself or to entertain his friends, never as a profession. However, some people in his life took him more seriously than he took himself. As a result, his songs have been sung, recorded and published from Scotland to Australia. He has two CDs and a third in the works.
3:05pm The Littlest Birds
The Littlest Birds are a nationally touring cello and banjo duo from the Eastern Sierra of California. Together since 2010 they've performed 100s of shows across 32 U.S. States plus the District of Columbia, and Canada, including festivals, concert series, radio stations, farmer's markets, fine restaurants, house concerts, weddings, bars, an Ambassador's residence, street corners, backyards, wine cellars, and even one 200 year old Misión deep in the heart of the Baja Peninsula.
3:45pm Alan Smithline
Enjoy the intricate arrangements of one of the Bay Area's finest finger-picking blues guitarists.
4:25pm Bobcat Rob Armenti
Boot stomping, feel good music straight from the soul.
5:10pm Brooks Hunnicutt, Lori Oz, and Robert Thornton Kent
Thoroughly engaging musicians with a deep understanding and love of Americana music.

Sunday, June 22, 2014
12:00pm Lighthouse String Band
The Lighthouse String Band play mostly Irish and Scottish traditional music, but also love to play American old time tunes, and love to share the joy of these melodies with audiences.
12:45pm Justin Purtill
Intense, cerebral, jazzy acoustic guitar stylings.
1:30pm Tone Bent
Gorgeous harmonies and inspired guitar playing from musicians and songwriters Robin Eschner and Bill Horvitz.
2:15pm Mugg Muggles & His Sizzling Syncopators
Mugg Muggles has been delighting Bay Area audiences on street corners, in sundry bars and dives, as well as radio and television for over 3 decades with his eclectic repertoire, irreverent demeanor and mellifluous bass/baritone. Simply accompanied by his pulsing acoustic guitar (or 1 stringed Gutbucket Bass) and awesome homemade kazoo, Mugg evokes distant eras of Prohibition Speakeasies, Minstrel Shows, Juke Joints, House Rent Parties, Barn Dances and Sock Hops.
3:00pm Spark & Whisper
Spark & Whisper is the musical collaboration of Anita Sandwina & Velvy Appleton, singer-songwriters/multi-instrumentalists from the SF Bay Area.
3:45pm The Splinter Group
Well-seasoned harmonies with familiar standards, contemporary and traditional folk tunes, and occasional silly songs.
4:30pm Shane Philips Band
Fusing soul and folk, Shane Philips shares the idea that love can unite the world.
5:15pm Dagwood Blondies
The sweet, funny, always entertaining songstress, Vikki Lee, is back! This time she teams up with Nancy Wenstrom to bring you her unique American originals and covers.