The Malvina Reynolds Room
Location: Room #324/326

Music and crafts from 12-6PM in adjoining rooms. Fun for all ages!

Saturday, June 21, 2014
12:00pm The Doris and Mike Animal Puppet Show
A participatory, singalong puppet show for all ages.
1:00pm Weird, Wacky & Whimsical Rounds!
Mary Hill
Let's sing some rounds - the sillier, the better! Learn new rounds, or teach one of your favorites to someone new.
2:00pm Over the Moon Storytelling Workshop
Bertha Reilly
Learn what stories are about and how to tell your own.
3:00pm Singing Games from Far & Near
Bonnie Lockhart
Sing in a Ring; skip down the row. Singing games unite and delight people in many cultures. In this all-age workshop we'll play music games from the Georgia Sea Islands, China, the Caribbean, Mexico, the British Isles, and maybe from your grammar school playground. Come prepared to sing and dance!
4:00pm Cello Stories
Toni's delightful fusion of classic stories and cello music plus critical thinking. For curious people of all ages.
5:00pm 3 Little Pigs
Omnipresent Puppets presents a delightful show for the whole family. Enjoy the familiar story -- with some wild detours!

Sunday, June 22, 2014
1:00pm Children's Music Network Song Swap
Bonnie Lockhart & Nancy Schimmel
People of all ages are invited to share a song, sing along, or just listen. A place to learn, share and enjoy music for children.
2:00pm Nueva Trova y Nueva Canción
Protest music in Spanish, especially from the Cuban experience.
3:00pm Kids' Open Mic
Roger Sinasohn
This is your chance to be the star! The kids' open mic is an opportunity to get up on stage and perform.
4:00pm Junk Band
Miss Juli
Build your own instruments from recycled materials and then join in on a junk band concert.
5:00pm Songwriting for Kids and Immature Adults
Hali Hammer
Basics of songwriting - we'll write one during the workshop!