The Faith Petric Stage
Location: Auditorium

Our largest stage, aka the school auditorium, is sure to turn a few heads with its intricate art deco design. Our performers, covering a broad range of music and dance styles, are sure to delight even the most discriminating audience members.

Saturday, June 21, 2014
12:00pm CommonUnion59
Original music that is both personal and universal.
12:45pm Rev Rabia
Rev Rabia has been singing blues in the Bay area for over 20 years. Rev stands for Reverend, which is fitting because she definitely brings the church to her dynamic, unique brand of acoustic blues.
1:30pm Redmond O'Colonies
A troubadour in a brash Hawaiian shirt, Redmond O'Colonies is a man transported from another time, an itinerant musician, thespian, and jester.
2:10pm Beatles Sing-Along and Play-Along
Jeannine Menger and Joe Cadora
Get to know the music of the lads from Liverpool in this sing-a-long. Learn why these brilliant songs changed the landscape of popular music forever.
4:10pm Ancient Future Duet featuring Matthew Montfort and Mariah Parker
Lovers of soulful guitar artistry prepare to get your minds blown. Matthew Montfort is the leader of the world fusion group Ancient Future. listed him as one of their 100 Greatest Acoustic Guitarists, and Guitar Player Magazine profiled him in their Les Paul tribute issue. His Hendrix-inspired Purple Raga must be heard to be believed. He will be joined on dulcimer by Mariah Parker.
5:00pm Al'Azifoon featuring Monica Berini and the Zakiyya Dancers
Monica Berini and the Zakiyya Dancers will be accompanied by Al'Azifoon playing classical and modern Arabic music.
5:40pm Banjo Babes Review
Erin Inglish and some of the hottest lady banjo acts will get all five strings sizzling!
6:30pm Danse Maghreb
Experience the vibrant costumes, the lavish jewelry, and the lively and colorful dance and music of the Ouled Nailiyat.
7:10pm The Wronglers
Simple tunes played by complicated people.
8:10pm Julian & the Upside Sound
A cheery quintet whose pop/Americana sound displays the optimism and enthusiasm of a leader still in high school.
9:10pm Amelia Hogan
Amelia Hogan is a powerful singer who adds a vivid context and historical perspective to the traditional music of Ireland, Scotland, and England.

Sunday, June 22, 2014
12:00pm Bev & Jerry Praver
After more than 50 years of playing folk music, Bev and Jerry Praver return to the SF Free Folk Festival.
12:45pm Aireene & the Rarities
Original songs with hints of latin/African, folk, bluegrass and gospel inspiration.
1:35pm Young Ireland
Father and son offer up inspiring, original, Irish-American folk songs.
2:20pm Stevie Coyle
Among his many accomplishments, Stevie Coyle is probably best known as co-founder of eminent, fondly remembered Waybacks. Stevie's gone feral and solo nowadays, and is busily booking festivals, venues and house concerts, both nationally and internationally.
3:05pm World Dance Fusion
This wonderful group of dancers, led by Katy Alaniz Rous, takes you over the cultural boarders. Your passport gets you here and the world of dance comes to you. Ballet, meets Congo, hip-hop, Jazz, Merengu and beyond. Truly the dance styles go on and on and on. This really is a world of dance experience. An amazing experience of dance awaits you!
3:50pm The Sylvia Herold Ensemble
Stories told through Irish and British traditional songs.
4:40pm Dunsmuir Scottish Dancers
The Dunsmuir Scottish Dancers invite us to celebrate Beltane with a medley of Scottish country dance, step dance, jigs, and reels
5:25pm Windy Hill
California Bluegrass from right here in the bay area -- in a Menlo Park woodshop class.
6:05pm Madhuri Kishore Kuchipudi School
Kuchipudi is an south indian classical art form originated from Andhra Pradesh, South India. The beauty of this art form is spread world wide. Its known for its beautiful facial expressions and graceful movements.
6:25pm Stringquake
An electrifying trio, StringQuake brings a new sound to today's world music scene, drawing inspiration from the music traditions of the Americas, Greece, Africa, India, European classical, and the musical masters who have emerged from every corner of the globe.
7:10pm Diego the Whistler and Jeff Pierre
A rare creative artist who has cultivated each of his natural talents -- music, dance, and the fine arts -- to a professional level.
8:10pm The Rowan Brothers
Modern day Everly Brothers with a splash of bluegrass.
9:00pm Larry Hanks & Deborah Robins
A complicated guy singing songs of other people's complicated lives in an uncomplicated manner.