The Woody Guthrie Stage
Location: Cafeteria

The ambience may remind you of mystery meat, leftover surprise, and food fights. Hey, it's a middle school cafeteria after all. But our performers are some of the most talented musicians from the Bay Area and beyond. Saturday's show features mostly originals from some of the best local singer/songwriters. Sunday is for fans of roots country, old time, and bluegrass. Come on over for coffee and snacks and hear some great music.

Saturday, June 21, 2014
12:00pm Open Mic
The open mic is open to all. Sign up starts at 12 noon. First come first served.
2:00pm Banda Sin Nombre
Folk music from around the world featuring rich vocal harmonies and acoustic instruments.
2:50pm Three Times Bad
This acclaimed new string band trio from San Francisco has a gritty dynamic sound that will appeal to fans of The Devil Makes Three, Old Crow Medicine Show and Woody Guthrie alike.
3:40pm Pig's Foot String Band
Old time southern string band music with a diverse playlist.
4:30pm The Barbary Ghosts
In a very short time, The Barbary Ghosts have leapt to the forefront of the national shanty song scene. Now, thanks to their new album of classic and originals that sound like classics, they are winning fans from all over the musical map. As one admiring fan puts it: "These guys sound kind of like a chantey band transplanted to Appalachia or something."
5:20pm The Amazing Dr. Zarcon's Breathing Machine
A bi-coastal jug band originally from Niagara Falls, New York.

Sunday, June 22, 2014
12:00pm Open Mic
The open mic is open to all. Sign up starts at 12 noon. First come first served.
2:00pm Maurice Tani & 77 El Deora
Twangy modern country and rockabilly.
2:45pm Acoustic Soul
Acoustic Soul features Jackie and Fred Holzhauer, longtime contributors to the Colorado music scene in several genres. They bring a unique and powerful acoustic approach to the blues, jazz, light rock, swing and rhythm'n'blues. Jackie sings with passion and authority and zeros in on a song's emotional core in a way that lights up her audience.
3:35pm American Gypsy
American Gypsy features band members Brooks Hunnicutt, Lori Oz and Robert Thornton Kent. They perform original and traditional folk music with lyrics, vocals and music that transports the listener across the boundaries of time and space to places only found in the heart. Once you hear them, you will become a fan.
4:25pm Doug Blumer & Bohemian Highway
Solid Americana rhythms, easy-swinging harmonies, and catchy, tuneful originals.
5:15pm MerryGold
Whiskey-soaked folk/bluegrass songs take listeners back to simpler times and portray a rawness that embodies the pioneer spirit of the Wild West.