American Gypsy
Sunday, June 22, 2014, 3:35pm - 4:25pm
Woody Guthrie Stage - Cafeteria

American Gypsy features band members Brooks Hunnicutt, Lori Oz and Robert Thornton Kent. They perform original and traditional folk music with lyrics, vocals and music that transports the listener across the boundaries of time and space to places only found in the heart. Once you hear them. you will become a fan.

Lori Oz:

Lori Oz - singer/songwriter, explorer of truth & beauty, survival expert, part time gypsy, practicing possibilitarian, licensed joyologist & pursuer of happiness . . .

"Tell me a story, I'll write you a song."

Lori has a knack when it comes to lyrics. Her words paint a picture in the mind of the listener and run the gammut of emotions from foot stomping rocking blues to tear jerking folk ballads. Her songs tell stories of life's good times and bad times, sweet and sad times while sending out messages of love, inner strength, personal empowerment and finding your own voice.

Folk music for the modern girl with a little blues, rock and good ol' Americana, this singer songwriter has an eclectic style all her own. From There to Here . . .

A nearly native Vermonter, Lori was transplanted to the Green Mountains as a child from California.

Until recently she was undecided as to what she wanted to be when she grew up, but a chance exchange set her on her musical path. In 2010 Lori shared some poetry she had written with friend, musician & fellow gypsy compatriate, Robert Thornton Kent. Kent liking what he read encouraged her to share additional pieces recognizing their potential as songs. That conversation changed the way Lori thought about her writing and ignited a spark.

Many telephone conversations ensued. Kent, who still actively lives in the 60's, regaled Lori with stories of his youth, of his travels and lost loves. Fodder for the romantic, part-time gypsy herself, these stories became the backdrop for several songs. In late summer of 2011 Robert set music to the very first poem that Lori had sent to him. Under the production of Carter Green at Greenjeans studios in Wellington, Kansas Robert recorded "Night Falls", the first Oz/Kent musical collaboration.

With "Night Falls" recorded, Lori decided it was time to actually meet, in person, her partner in rhythm & rhyme, so upon invitation she landed in Atlanta, Georgia to meet Kent for the very first time. From there she was whisked off to Brooks Hunnicutt's (former backup singer for Stephen Stills, Rod Stewart, Kris Kristofferson, John Prine, Mac Davis, Loretta Lynn, and others) Byway Farm to attend her annual Fall Fling music festival in Shady Dale, Georgia. Lori spent her time at the Fling as the photographer, a hobby of hers. It was there that she realized she was finally "home".

As with all good things, the Byway Farm Fall Fling came to an end and it was time for Lori to fly away home to Vermont. On the drive to Atlanta to catch her flight Kent and Oz sat in Robert's pickup truck discussing other collaboration projects and one in particular was at the top of Lori's list. Telling Kent that she kept hearing a certain melody for a favorite piece of hers and that it needed a female voice, Kent encouraged her to "sing a little" to give him an idea of what she had in mind. "I don't sing" was the reply, but Robert persisted and Lori sang out "Fractured Fairytale" for the first time in the airport parking lot in Atlanta. Maybe for the first time in his life Robert Thornton Kent was speechless, but when words did find him he said "YOU can SING!

That was the beginning . . .

Brooks Hunnicutt:

Brooks worked for years as a vocalist in Los Angeles and has toured, recorded and performed back up vocals with many well known entertainers such as Ringo Star, Stephen Stills, Rod Stewart, Jose Feliciano, Helen Reddy, Steve Cropper, Loretta Lynn, Molly Hatchett, Mac Davis, Kris Kristofferson, Jose Feliciano, Roger McGuinn (The Byrds) and John Prine. She has also had many television appearances on The Tonight Show, Merv Griffith,Mike Douglas and others. Brooks recently recorded a new cd with some of her all time favorite songs written by musicians she truly admires. This will be her third appearance at The San Francisco Free Folk Festival where she will be joining two of her current musical partners Lori Oz and Robert Thornton Kent.

Robert Thornton Kent:

Described as a "real life gypsy and romantic", Robert's music always reflects a passion for living, travel, romance and love that lives in the songs that he sings.

He has shared the stage with Leo Kottke, Brooks Hunnicutt, Beppe Gambetta, Stuart Mossman, Danny Timms (Kris Kristofferson & The Highwaymen), Shannieband, and some of the most respected musicians in the world. . His schedule has him regularly performing coast-to-coast at festivals,colleges, universities, coffeehouses, house concerts, bars, private events and anywhere there's music.

His style is reflective of many incredible artists such as Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot, Townes VanZandt, Nick Drake and those he personally learned from like Leo Kottke, Patrick Sky, Dave Van Ronk , Danny Smith, Jeff Espina and Stuart Mossman.

In his early years he often found himself hitching rides and jumping freight trains across the USA, Canada and Mexico as he chased dreams and apprenticed himself to many great folk musicians while living life his way.