Banda Sin Nombre
Saturday, June 21, 2014, 2:00pm - 2:50pm
Woody Guthrie Stage - Cafeteria

Sin Nombre is a five-piece street band from San Francisco's Mission District dedicated to performing folk music from around the world. Mixing rich vocal harmonies with acoustic instruments including guitar, fiddle, accordion, sousaphone, and cajon, the band's inspirations range from Peruvian chicha to Catalan rumba and Appalachian old time to cumbia.

In fall of 2011 a fantastic person by the name of Jane Stitt began to tactfully bring people recently moved to San Francisco into her circle of music that spanned from bluegrass and folk to Mexican baladas and classical French and Italian songs.

The thing that we all had in common was a love for learning and sharing music...specifically old, raw, traditional music that managed to be mutually inter...twined into each of our cultural histories and interests.

After many months of gathering people we formed a band called Sin Nombre that included members Larry del Carlo, Kevin Caulfield, Randall Carvajal, WillBill DeGrush, as well as the current members Hannah Gallagher, Kate Goldstein, Eva Mas and Douglas Gallagher.

Despite changes in our members and instrumentation, we hold every person who has brought their passion for music, community and joy as part of what we create together. Our goal is to learn and share music that has inspired and moved people everywhere for hundreds of years and to support local communities in the bay area with our passion for music.