Banjo Babes Review
Saturday, June 21, 2014, 5:40pm - 6:30pm
Faith Petric Stage - Auditorium

Who doesn't love a banjo babe? Erin Inglish is one and helped organize the 2014 Banjo Babe calendar project. With sizzling five strings and talented women, Erin Inglish's Banjo Babes Review features some of the hottest lady banjo acts from around the world in an in-the-round style show!

Erin Inglish is California's banjo sweetheart! A native of the California Central Coast, Erin delivers a unique presentation of voice and banjo that is reminiscent of the sounds of John Hartford and the activist stylings of Peggy Seeger. Formerly a mechanical engineer in the field of sustainability, Erin now tours internationally as a folk music troubadour. She has lived in India, Madagascar, Bulgaria and Serbia, and her songwriting reflects her worldly travels and grounding passion for sustainability and art. In April, 2013, Erin released her first solo album titled, "A Melody So Sweet," and then toured - by bicycle - the entire coast of California to celebrate Earth Month under the auspices of her 2013 EARTH*BIKE*BANJO tour. She is also the organizer of the Banjo Babes 2014 Calendar & Album - a quirky and fun promotional package celebrating women who play banjo! From the thoughtful and conscientious messages in her songwriting, to her magnetic and entertaining stage-presence, Erin is a consummate performer and humanistic storyteller.