Matt Small & Steve Swan
Sunday, June 22, 2014, 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Music 1 - Room #102

Matt Small and Steve Swan will introduce the basic concepts for playing acoustic bass in country, swing, and bluegrass styles. The major scale will be introduced and discussed as a starting point for creating passing notes for country bass lines and walking bass for swing lines. Bluegrass "slap" technique will be discussed. The role of the bass in the band will be discussed. Bass players and non-bass players of all levels are welcome.

Matt Small was Born in St. Louis (home of the blues, some might say), and started out playing classical music on a number of instruments, including cornet, French horn, and bassoon. Matt took up the bass in high school, moving from Bach to rock with a little bluegrass and country in between. Matt's strong and often melodic bass lines anchor the rhythm section and keep the song in the groove. An accomplished singer, songwriter, guitarist, and acoustic/electric bassist, Matt was born into a family tradition of music and has played in bands with his father Clem Small and mother Pam Small for years. Matt has also played with numerous other Bay Area bands.

Steve Swan has played both double bass and guitar semi-professionally in a number of Bay Area bands. He currently sings and plays bass with Keith Little in the Little Band and occasionally subs on electric bass with the Earl Brothers. Steve is also owner of Steve Swan String Basses, specializing in both high quality new and used double basses ranging from good entry level student models up through professional level orchestral instruments and everything in between. Steve welcomes shop visits by appointment and the visitors can enjoy a hands-on musical tour of 60-70 basses on the retail floor. Also, check out the Bass Player Magazine article featuring some of Steve's tips on buying a bass