Beginning Persian Dance
Sherifa Coll
Sunday, June 22, 2014, 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Dance 1 - Room #226 (Dance Studio)

This class will teach some common movements in the Modern Persian (Pop) style, which is a fusion of Classical Persian and Arabic dance. Sherifa will also demonstrate a full choreography.

Sherifa el-Bakkar has studied, taught, and performed various styles of Middle Eastern and North African dance in the Midwest, Deep South, and Far West, since 1985. In Atlanta, she directed "Troupe Mosaic", and played hammered dulcimer in the Middle Eastern/Renaissance dance band, "Peach Curry". They recorded a CD, "Dancing With the Infidels", in 2001. Sherifa currently dances with "Sharifa's Habibis", Shimmy Dreams", and with her husband David, as "Habib and Sherifa" (look for the latter at Carnival of Stars, Sunday August 3, at the Richmond Auditorium, Richmond, CA). She also does solo performances, many at the El Morocco restaurant in Pleasant Hill, CA.