Christophe Taylor and Angela May
Sunday, June 22, 2014, 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Dance 1 - Room #226 (Dance Studio)

Blues dancing started in the 1920s accompanying the Blues musical style. It was one of the many precursors of swing dancing. However, Blues dancing was never widely practiced as a "social" or performance dance in the United States to the same degree as Swing, so it developed and thrived in small venues and at house parties, giving it a more intimate feel. Blues is also an emotion that you bring to your dancing. Blues dance enables expressions that emphasize the music, not the dancer; the dancer is interpreting the music through dance. Blues dance demonstrates the passion of the entire range of human emotions - from sadness to joy.

Age Suitability: Adults and teens

Christophe has always had a passion for dance. In college, he started competing on the Ballroom Dance team and racked up a respectable supply of awards. However, he is more interested in spreading the joy of dance to others and exploring new dances himself than in competing for personal glory. He has personally taught hundreds of people how to dance and created many regular dancers in all of his dance scenes. His unique background in acrobatics, sword fighting, and a wide array of dances from Irish Ceilidh and Argentine Tango to Lindy Hop and Can Can brings a unique perspective to dancing. He has performed at the Hubba Hubba Review in San Francisco, one of the top 10 burlesque shows in the world according to the travel channel, and has taught classes of 100s at the San Francisco Free Folk Festival. He draws strongly from his background in Argentine Tango and acrobatics, mixing them together to create amazing dips and tricks. Christophe specializes in making dance accessible to everyone. He encourages students to try new things and push their own boundaries in order to learn. Be sure to ask him for a dance, he?s got his own unique and exhilarating style and is happy to dance with anyone, regardless of experience level.

Christophe will be assisted by Angela May.