Maybelle Carter Style Guitar Soloing
Colin Botts
Saturday, June 21, 2014, 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Music 1 - Room #102

Learn the flatpicking technique known as "Carter Style," named after the playing of Mother Maybelle Carter. As the only instrumentalist in her family band, anytime Maybelle would take a guitar solo, she would play the melody of the tune while simultaneously maintaining the rhythmic drive of the guitar strum. This technique was quickly picked up by other guitarists, and can be heard in the playing of many of the great bluegrass flatpickers that followed.

This class will address the fundamental skills and knowledge required to execute simple "Carter Style" solos, as well as provide a foundation and direction for those that desire to develop and explore more advanced applications of this technique.

Guitarists of all ability levels are welcome and encouraged to attend. Ideally all participants should already be comfortable with basic open chords, simple strumming with a pick, and reading tablature. Class handouts containing exercises and example arrangements will be provided for all attendees.

Colin Botts, an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and former Capitol Records-Nashville recording artist, has performed on television, radio, and in hundreds of venues, both across the United States and internationally.

Music has taken Colin around the world, having studied guitar from gauchos in Argentina, concertina and bouzouki from traditional musicians in Ireland, and fiddle from gypsies while traveling through Romania. In 2013, Colin was awarded a masters degree in Irish Traditional Music Performance from The University of Limerick, Ireland.

Colin Botts is a passionate and dedicated teacher and has had the privilege to teach and lecture in a variety of settings, from university classrooms to private lessons, as well as music camps and festivals. He is currently a member of Utah State University's guitar faculty and is co-author of Mel Bay's Killer Technique: Flatpicking Guitar.

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