Cello Stories
Toni Gross
Saturday, June 21, 2014, 4:00pm - 4:50pm
Malvina Reynolds Room - Room #324/326

Toni tells familiar stories while playing her cello to add sound effects encourage kids to move. Though the stories are familiar, when Toni tells them all the politics are raising their daunting heads. What if people are angry when the wolf gets eaten?? If there is time, children will get to play the cello.

I have been telling stories to 3-5 year old children for at least 20 years, mostly at Daisy Child Development Center. I started in the sandbox on the playground because I was scared to death of having to control children at circle. Then I started using my cello, outside on the playground, to help dramatize the stories, and found that kids also love exploring the cello. Now my storytelling is an interactive mix of children listening, brainstorming, and acting, with individual and group movement, and getting to play the cello.