What's in a Chord Name: Music Theory for Everyone
Kay Eskenazi
Sunday, June 22, 2014, 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Lead Belly Stage - Room #333

Chord names are a code. Understanding the code enables you to communicate precisely with other musicians; to express your musical ideas in creative ways; to find many voicings for any chord. Want to understand why the 'E' chord is called 'E', why 'A minor' is called 'A minor', why 'G7' is called 'G7'? Curious what a 'sus' or 'suspended' chord is? In a user-friendly way, this class unveils the essence of chords. We will discuss the relationships among chromatic scales, major scales, and chords. We will also illuminate the mathematical infrastructure of many chords. Please don't let math-phobia deter you: the subject entails only numbers 1 through 13.

Kay teaches guitar at colleges and studios throughout the Bay Area. She creates an inclusive, caring environment, observes students closely, and responds to students' individual learning challenges. Kay helps students develop excellent practical technique and musicianship skills (counting, memorizing, reading, and theoretical comprehension). She teaches many guitar styles including Fingerstyle, Pop, Folk, Classic Rock, Jazz, Brazilian, Celtic, Classical, and Ensemble Playing. In 2001, Kay co-founded From Women's Hearts and Hands Guitar Camp, a semi-annual educational gathering for women guitar players.