Colonels Of Truth
Saturday, June 21, 2014, 12:50pm - 1:35pm
Pete Seeger Room - Room #107

What started as a late night Easter Eve text conversation, most likely fueled by alcohol and the Holy Spirit of Charlton Heston's Moses flashing across the TV screen, and culminating in a living room strewn with guitars and a small flask of whiskey tucked neatly behind a table leg, has officially evolved into Colonels of Truth.

Rick Santos of the South Bay's honky tonk heroes Longliner has joined with Peter Dominguez, David Sands & Robert Scott Mueller of San Francisco's cow punk outfit GEN 11 in an attempt to strip everything away and return to their roots.

Their debut EP 'Songs of Love, Blood & Redemption', was recorded live at Fremont's Real Job Recording. One big room, a few microphones, and the optimistic confidence that The Colonels would begin and end each tune, at the same time, in the same key. Moments of success and defeat were left on tape for all to hear.

With the session behind them, and the addition of timekeeper Bradford 'Buford T. Justice' Parker on snare & brushes, Colonels of Truth have strapped the guitars, dobro, mandolin, banjo & upright bass to the roof of the old Ford and hit the clubs. Opening shows for Austin, TX legend Jon Dee Graham, The Voice's Austin Jenckes and Minnesota New Grass-Bluegrass powerhouse Pert' Near Sandstone, as well as picking up radio airplay along the Pacific coast, The Colonels are ready to bring their stories to the San Francisco Free Folk Festival.