Saturday, June 21, 2014, 12:00pm - 12:45pm
Faith Petric Stage - Auditorium

Once they got together, magic happened. A burst of creative energy flowed and songs began to emerge reflecting a broad emotional tapestry. Songs of love, hope, dreams, happiness, and heartache, inspired by their own lives and the world around them. CommonUnion59 is the singer-songwriter duo of Steve McKenzie and Laura Malasig. They write and perform original music that is both personal and universal, expressing the emotions and experiences of life in an intimate lyrical and melodic style.

Steve has written, recorded, and performed with a number of bands, most notably the Rodd Brothers folk-rock group, producing their well regarded album, Prisoners Of Dreams. Laura's love of music blossomed at an early age as she began to play the piano. Over time, she put her talents to work playing, singing, and performing. Her ever growing interest in songwriting eventually led her to take a chance on writing with Steve.

The first results of their musical union can now be heard on their debut release, Magnolia Waltz, which is available for purchase on iTunes,, and other retailers, and can be heard anytime on Spotify, Radio Airplay (Jango), and a growing number of other radio stations.