Gender-Free Contra Dance
Nick Cuccia
Sunday, June 22, 2014, 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Dance 2 - North (Boys) Gym

Contra Dance is enjoying a new wave of popularity with both young and experienced dancers. Originating in New England and developed from English Country Dance, these elegant, energetic, and fun couple line dances, with their whirling partner swings, are danced in long sets and taught and led by a caller. With their symmetrical patterns, they have also been called "Dances for Engineers," but are easy for anyone to pick up.

Traditional contra dancing has two roles: "gentlemen" and "ladies." Gender-free contra dancing recognizes that which role you prefer to dance at a particular moment has nothing to do with your gender. In this Gender-Free Contra Dance workshop, feel free to dance either role!

For more information on Contra Dance and for a schedule of local dances, please see the Bay Area Country Dance Society's website.

For more information on Gender-Free Contra Dance and opportunities to dance it, see the San Francisco Bay Queer Contra Dance website.

Nick Cuccia has been a contra, square, and English country dancer for close to twenty years now, has been calling contra and English dances since 2000 and squares since 2010. He feels like he's partying with seven of his best friends when he's in a good square.