Dunsmuir Scottish Dancers
Sunday, June 22, 2014, 4:40pm - 5:25pm
Faith Petric Stage - Auditorium

The Dunsmuir Scottish Dancers invite us to celebrate Beltane with a medley of Scottish country dance, step dance, jigs, and reels -- from the Gaelic traditions of the mountainous Scottish highlands and the rugged Hebrides Islands, off Scotland's western shore. The Dunsmuir Dancers with their live band will have your tapping your feet to the wonderful reels and jigs. Their dance shows off the elegance and power unique to Scottish Country. Truly They are delightful to watch!

The Dunsmuir Scottish Dancers are a Scottish Country, Highland, and Step Dancing Performance Group of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. We are a company dedicated to keeping alive the spirit and form of Scottish dances, old and new. Our repertoire spans four centuries of dance tradition. Period costumes and musical stylings bring the past to the present.