An International Folk Dance Party
Ginny Snyder and Da! Mozhem
Saturday, June 21, 2014, 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Dance 2 - North (Boys) Gym

An International Folk Dance Party with the Da! Mozhem band and host Ginny Snyder. Join in easy but delightful folk dances from around the world. Fun for all ages.

Ginny Snyder performs with a Bulgarian dance ensemble and will lead and coordinate a team of teachers, including Joyce Clyde who has taught dance workshops throughout California, Radmila Zaric a native of Serbia and Barbara Saxton, another experienced dancer and teacher.

Da! Mozhem and the Nema Problema Chorale is a group of friends who have been playing together for well over a decade. The chorale consists of up to eight women, joined occasionally by male voices. The group has veterans from many excellent folklore bands such as the People's International Sliver String Macedonian Band, Born to Drone, Westwind and the Slavonian Traveling Band. The band plays pan-Balkan music with an emphasis on Bulgarian, Macedonian and Ex-Yugoslav traditions. Several members frequently travel to the Balkans to learn more about the folkloric music of the region. The group has several native language singers and plays on traditional instruments unique to the region as well as modern instruments.

For a sneak preview of the Saturday eveningís dances you might also enjoy attending the 5pm CCSF Folk Dance Teamís workshop in World Folk Dances.