Hardly Strictly Folk Music
Doug Norman
Saturday, June 21, 2014, 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Music 4 - Room #330

The only theme for this song circle is to come prepared to sing! Songs will be chosen by those who join us in the circle. Instruments are welcome, but the force driving us will be our voices. At hand, we'll have a booklet of lyric sheets from which to choose a tune and to help us remember lyrics, songs that are pretty well known already, ranging from acknowledged folk, early rock 'n' roll, blues, Americana, and even bluegrass! But if you have a song (that people will likely know) and you want to sing it, we'll try it! And if you can bring harmony with you to our gathering, we will have an opportunity to reach the heavens with our song!

If there is history to be acknowledged to this kind of get-together, it would singing from the pews at church on Sunday - complete with hymnbooks, partial acquaintance with the material, and always striving for the harmony on "Forever - more" and "Aahh - men"!

Join us and share those moments of grace that come with the simple ingredients of voice and community with the people around you.

As a young man, Doug worked hard to follow his muse of impersonating Elvis impersonators, playing local kitchens, living rooms and, mostly, shower stalls. But after many hard years of trying to support a family and a bad social activist habit on a song, a prayer, and a thrown hip, Doug's dreams aged with him. His new icon and inspiration is Pete Seeger and his dream is to get the world singing in one enormous Song Globe. (Doug also hosts a monthly song circle known as 'Song Nite', made up of similarly dis-oriented Baby Boomer malcontents, and is trying to wreak havoc upon the local open mike scene as a honky-tonk singer.)