Maurice Tani & 77 El Deora
Sunday, June 22, 2014, 2:00pm - 2:45pm
Woody Guthrie Stage - Cafeteria

Misisipi Mike Wolf says: Many people share my opinion that 77 El Deora is the best band in the Bay Area. Not 'best band following the current fads or wearing the silliest costumes or doing the most cloying schtick' - no, 77 El Deora is a timeless band that writes and performs an original and very catchy mix of noir rock, pop and (that dirty word) country music. If Fleetwood Mac and Leonard Cohen got together with Waylon Jennings and Jeff Beck, well that would be a great show, and it would be a lot like the show you will get."

San Francisco's Maurice Tani has been a fixture on the local alt-country scene for more than a decade with his band 77 El Deora, and previously sang and played guitar for the seminal Motown-style party bands Zasu Pitts Memorial Orchestra and Big Bang Beat. The San Francisco Chronicle has praised his "twangy modern country sound" and called his songs "wry yet romantic, tender but aggressive." His band includes Mike Anderson on bass, Randy Craig on piano, Ken Owen on drums, and guest vocalist Pam Brandon.

Maurice recently released two albums-a studio recording with 77 El Deora called Blue Line, and Two Stroke, a collection of acoustic duos with his bassist, Mike Anderson. The website No Depression calls the sound "hillbilly noir" - "at once familiar, ethereal and beautiful." Maurice calls it "cinema for the blind." His music paints vivid pictures of the darker side of human relationships - but even at its darkest, it swings. Scott Bloom of The Bay Twang says, "This music is neither retro nor country; it's twang noir. A fully realized universe, on a dark night, with an AM radio station sending out a strong signal from somewhere down Highway 99. Are you listening?"