Demystifying Music Theory for Composition & Improvisation
Saturday, June 21, 2014, 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Lead Belly Stage - Room #333

Psst ... what key is this in? As folkies, we get a lot of enjoyment out of music without needing to read music, or even know what key a song is in. Still, we know there's stuff that could be useful to have a handle on.

In this session designed for all instruments, Mokai demystifies music theory and shows how to apply it in a fun way. Everything from "why are there black keys?" to "what the heck is Mixolydian of Harmonic Minor?" explained in simple terms.

Mokai is known for his authentic folk-blues picking and eclectic originals - echoing his deep connection to the playing of seminal folk artists from the 20s to the 60s. His guitar style and technique have been featured in Acoustic Guitar Magazine. "There's a bunch of traditional techniques I like to show people. Jamming in folk circles, I realized there's a lot of basic music theory I could turn people on to, and help them get more out of playing."

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