Old-Time Song Session & Jam
Laura Lind
Saturday, June 21, 2014, 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Jam Room - Room #317

Strum along and sing along to old-time traditional songs of the 20s, 30s, and early 40s. Bring your favorite old time songs, and play your instruments, or just sing, or make requests. Lyric sheets provided. We'll play the melody together in the old-timey way and accompany each other. Join in singing songs from a time before the grass got painted blue-er in the 40s by Bill Monroe, who often used the very same songs, with his own bluegrass style of music rendering.

Our American heritage is filled with country "roots" music, which draws from the traditions of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and which became popular in the 20s, 30s and 40s as radio and recordings became widely available. Many began to find pleasure in creating music in their parlors to entertain themselves, family and friends. Now nearing 100 years forward, this music is often referred to as "old-time."

These songs became so popular that you can travel across the country (the world, even) and find people in every state who know, appreciate and continue the pattern of learning the same songs and sharing them for the next generation to use. And "use" is a good word, as many of these songs served as the "self help" books of the time, touching on human subjects of great sadness: loss of home, spouse, children, or love, unintended pregnancies, jealousy, drug over-use, impending death... And of course to survive all that doom and gloom there are also old songs of levity, silliness, love and chewing gum.

Laura Lind sings traditional songs, plays the autoharp with an engaging energetic style and is a prolific songwriter. Forays to traditional festivals and the Appalachian region of the US resukted in her gathering gospel, fiddle tunes and old-time songs and connecting with other performers, songwriters, and creative and musical people, who are involved in keeping the arts and music a common practical joy and sharing it. Music is a powerful force of information for creating positive change.

San Francisco born into a creative family, she's country living. Laura writes songs about nature, relationships and preservationist concerns. She has two collaborative CDs: her indie duet album, "Wild Birds", which received airplay in 17 countries, and The West County Professional Tea Sippers' Old-time String Band's studio CD, "The Kettle Is On", which received "Best Old-Timey CD Award" in 2010 from the National Traditional Old-Time Country Music Association in Iowa. She has performed throughout California and in Oregon, Georgia, Iowa, Pennsylvania and in Taiwan. In 2012, she was nominated as "Best Female Vocalist" by the Northern California Bluegrass Association. In 2011 she hosted an "Old-Time Music Campout in the Country", a 3-day old-time festival in rural Sonoma County. In 2007 her lead-picking on autoharp won 1st place in the miscellaneous category at the Fiddle & Bango (sic) Contest in Columbia, California. She was voted first place three years in a row as a performer in a vocal duet as "People's Choice for Outstanding Performance on the Open Stage" at the Mt. Laurel Autoharp Gathering in Pennsylvania (1999-2001). She is also a member of Musicians United in the fight to protect Bristol Bay, Alaska.