Pig's Foot String Band
Saturday, June 21, 2014, 3:40pm - 4:30pm
Woody Guthrie Stage - Cafeteria

Pig's Foot String Band is a collection of Bay Area musicians mostly situated in the Penisula bitten by the old time music bug. They play and sing old time southern string band music with an emphasis on sharing a diverse and interesting collection of music. The "Pigs" have been playing for Bay Area dances, pubs, fundraisers, radio stations and non-profit events.

Introducing the "Pigs":

Fiddler: Mark Wardenburg (Palo Alto), turned to old time music and bluegrass 14 years ago after deciding to dust off the fiddle that had been sitting idle in his closet for two decades. He plays with the Pig's Foot String Band, the Mighty Crows and the Dark Hollow Bluegrass Band and is a frequent guest fiddler for many of the bands in the Bay area. He recently won the 2014 NCBS fiddler of the year award and now wears plaid.

Fiddler: Linda Sullivan (Santa Rosa) is displaced symphonic viola player who was ensnared by the spell of old time fiddle by the likes of Leprechaun Bob Cole (Faux Renwaux) and her sassy brother Dave Sullivan (New Five Cents). The symphony board fired her for her insistence on wearing Buffalo plaid stockings to performances.

Banjo: Ken Torke (Sunnyvale) plays mandolin and is the MC for the 2009 NCBS Band of the Year, Mighty Crows. He has a keen eye and appreciation for flannel shirts that compliments his newly found love for the old time music. He plays clawhammer banjo and rocks the plaid.

Mandolin: Ed Cirimele (Palo Alto) is no stranger to the SF Bay area bluegrass scene. In addition to playing mandolin and performing in numerous local bands over the years, he has been a big supporter of the bay area bluegrass music scene for decades. Ed was enticed to join the Pig's when he saw the plaid flannel dress code.

Bass Fiddle: Barbara Rosner (San Jose) currently plays with Pig's Foot String Band, Mister Barky, Peak Nouveau, as well as American traditional or original music projects or gigs needing acoustic or electric bass chops and vocals. Barbara's blue hair is a perfect complement to the signature plaid of the Pig's.

Guitar: George Bradshaw (Palo Alto) plays old time and bluegrass guitar at any jam he can find. He anchors the Pigs with a solid rhythm and doesn't object to all the crazy crooked tunes that we play. George and his personal shopper are at odds with the Pig's dress code, but we're pretty sure that plaid will prevail.

What's a Pig's Foot you ask?

A bifurcated metal poker used in the metallurgical arts. Or, it's the title of an old time tune as in "Shove the Pig's Foot a Little Further in the Fire." Or, it's the foot of a pig.