Scandinavian Dance
Bob Fraley w/music by Ruth Anne Fraley and Sarah Kirton
Sunday, June 22, 2014, 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Dance 2 - North (Boys) Gym

Dances from Scandinavia including several polka and schottische dances, and perhaps a few other dances as well.

Bob Fraley has taught International Folkdancing in the Bay Area for many years and frequently teaches at SFFFF. He performed Scandinavian Dance with the Sodal's group in Boulder and with the Vancouver Scandinavian Dancers. He was the dance director for the Bay Area international folk dance performing group, Zavrti. He also teaches English Country Dancing in the Bay Area.

Ruth Anne Fraley has played accordion for Scandinavian folk dancing since the 1970's when she was active at Folklore Village in Wisconsin where she also played for International Folk Dancing. For many years, she played accordion with the Bay Area Scandinavian Folk Dance band,, Nattergal Folk Music Ensemble. She is currently a pianist for English Country Dancing in the Bay Area and formerly played accordion for Deer Creek Men's Morris Team.

Sarah is a noted Scandinavian fiddler and teaches both regular fiddle (Scandinavian and Old Time American) and the Norwegian hardingfele. She has a huge repertoire of fiddle tunes at her fingertips. She is also well versed a variety of fiddle tune genre: American, English Country Dance, Swedish and Norwegian. Sarah also plays Old Timey and Contra Dance Fiddle with Peak Nouveau. She also fiddled around a bit with International dance music - mostly Balkan - during a misspent youth!

Sarah and Ruth Anne have played Scandinavian dance music together for many years. They are founding members of Nattergal Folk Music Ensemble, and Sarah still plays with the ensemble.