Scandinavian Music Jam
Bill Likens and Bob Palasek
Sunday, June 22, 2014, 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Jam Room - Room #317

Waltzes, schottisches/reinlenders, polkas and others. Participants will cover tunes from the familiar Scandinavian-American and Scandinavian repertoires. The focus will be on gammaldans (old-time dance) - the music Scandinavians brought with them to the midwest starting in the 1880s. There may be a bygdedans tune (village dance), but we hope to avoid the esoteric.

We have set up a Yahoo Group discussion list whose name is SFFFF-ScandiJam, and which can be accessed via the web link Interested participants can find tune lists of some favorites, as well as transcriptions of tunes, useful learning tools. These are all found in the Files section of the discussion Group's web site. We will probably cover a number of these tunes at the jam. One can get notices of updates and additions to this collection by joining the Yahoo group.

Bill Likens plays piano and diatonic-accordion and leads the Norwegian-American music group, Nordahl Grieg Spelemannslag. He has taught workshops at the Camp Norge Folkedans Stevne and performed on multiple occasions in Norway. His interests also include Irish and German folk music.

Bob Palasek has been following and playing American and northern European fiddling since the late 1960s. He plays in two Scandinavian groups, Christmastime in July, and the Nordahl Grieg Spelemannslag. He also performs as a member of the jug band Amazing Grapes.