Shane Philips Band
Sunday, June 22, 2014, 4:30pm - 5:15pm
Pete Seeger Room - Room #107

Shane Philips is on a mission to fuse the dynamic, emotional qualities of soul music with the narrative possibilities of folk. Philips is accompanied by Sam Dlugokecki on Acoustic Guitar and Isaiah Farahbakhsh on Cello. Their songs speak to change and the idea that love is the universal fabric that holds humanity together. Shane has performed throughout Europe and North America with notable shows at the Montreal Jazz Festival, a guest singer with the Wooten Brothers in Nashville, TN and a participant on the NBC show "The Voice".

Social Justice and Peace is Shane Philips' latest release in two years and is a departure from his last three albums that were rooted deeply in traditional soul. Searching for something more, Philips decided to immerse himself into a community of folk artists and was able to focus his songwriting around stories that spoke to his life growing in a farm town and countless other events that would eventually shape his life as he traveled around the world. Philips eventually found himself at a piano in Nashville Tennessee where his roots in soul finally found convergence with the narrative he was searching for in folk music.

Social Justice and Peace does what it says. It speaks to ideas that used to unite the world but now divide us. Philips with a voice truly beyond his years tells a story that music of today is all too afraid to talk about. His message asks us to look inward and act outward with the idea that love is the universal fabric that holds humanity together.