Dances of the Summer Solstice
Maureen Atkins
Saturday, June 21, 2014, 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Dance 1 - Room #226 (Dance Studio)

Celebrate Summer Solstice through dance! The element of fire, the sun, the mid-way portion on the wheel of the year--these are some of the things that can be experienced through basic folk dance steps and music. Sometimes words are not enough. To be able to embody these themes through dance can be a powerful and fun experience.

Circle Dance is based on simple traditional folk dances and modern choreographed dances using basic folk dance steps. One of the things that makes this type of dancing special is that it can celebrate seasonal things. This year we will celebrate the Wheel of the Year, in particular The Summer Solstice. Come and join us for the celebration!

Maureen Atkins is one of the facilitators with The Bay Area Circle Dancers. Maureen joined the group in 1993. She began teaching Circle Dance in 1995 and became a co-facilitator with the Bay Area Circle Dancers in 2000. Besides teaching at other SF Free Folk Festivals, Maureen has co-facilitated at dance camps, led dance retreats, collaborated at special events and taught through local park and recreation departments. She leads a regular group in San Leandro. "Circle Dance celebrates all things that make us human!" This Summer Maureen will be co-facilitating at The West Coast Circle Dance Camp with the Bay Area Circle Dancers and co-leading a retreat in the Sierras called Dancing the Rhythms of the Earth, a Sacred Circle Dance Retreat.