Wishing and Bone
Saturday, June 21, 2014, 1:35pm - 2:20pm
Pete Seeger Room - Room #107

"Wishing and Bone" is Tom Wishing and Noam "Bone" Cohen. They have been playing together since the late '70s in a variety of bands and projects. The music they make is a combination of blues, folk, Americana, country, and original songs co-written by the two of them. Tom's forte is finger style guitar, and Noam has been playing the harmonica or 'harp' since before he could stand on his own feet. Tom doubles on banjo and sax, Noam on mandolin and sax, though most performances these days, focus on the fingerstlyle guitar and harmonica. Both have been in a variety of rock, blues, country and jam bands over the years but for some star-crossed reason they always find their way back home, to "Wishing and Bone."