Pre-Festival Volunteer Positions

To Volunteer: send an email with your name & phone number to

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Festival Co-Director - Internal Communicationfilled

Committee Email List & Communicationfilled

Committee Info Page, Org Chart & Documentationfilled

Financial Reportsfilled

Liaison with Club Boardfilled

Meeting Agendasfilled

Meeting Foodfilled

Meeting Minutesfilled


Festival Co-Director - External Relationsvacant

Manager, Website/Online Subcommitteevacant

Festival Email Listsfilled

Graphic Designvacant


Website Hosting & Managementfilled

Manager, Publicity Subcommitteefilled

Publicity - Educatorsvacant

Publicity - Facebookprobably filled

Publicity - Faith Communityvacant

Publicity - Folk Communityfilled

Publicity - Online Event Listingsvacant

Publicity - Performer Outreachfilled

Publicity - Poster & Flyer Designvacant

Publicity - Poster Distributionvacant

Publicity - Print, Radio & TVvacant

Publicity - Twitterfilled

Publicity - Grassrootsvacant

Manager, Fundraising Subcommitteevacant


Folk Communityvacant



Print Program Advertisingvacant



Print Program - Productionfilled

Print Program - Proofreadingfilled

School Liaisonfilled

Site Visitsfilled

Festival Co-Director - Festival Programfilled

Coordinator, Stage Crewfilled

Open Mic Manager, Malvina Reynolds Roomfilled

Open Mic Manager, Woody Guthrie Stagefilled

Recruitment of MCsfilled

Recruitment of Sound Crew - new peopleprobably filled

Recruitment of Sound Crew - returning peoplefilled

Scheduling of Stage Crewfilled

Sound Equipment - Dancefilled

Sound Equipment - Musicfilled

Stage Manager Clipboardsvacant

Stage Manager - Faith Petric Stagefilled

Stage Manager - Lead Belly Stagevacant

Stage Manager - Malvina Reynolds Roomfilled

Stage Manager - Pete Seeger Roomvacant

Stage Manager - Woody Guthrie Stagevacant

Booking of Dance Performersfilled

Booking of Dance Workshopsfilled

Booking of Evening Dances filled

Booking of Family Program filled

Booking of Film Programvacant

Booking of Music Performers filled

Booking of Music Workshops & Jams filled

Scheduling of Program filled

Festival Co-Director - Festival Operationsfilled

Coordinator, Photo & Video Crewvacant

Photographer 1probably filled

Photographer 2vacant

Videographer 1vacant

Videographer 2vacant

At-Festival Fundraisingvacant

Crafts Tablefilled

Facilities Management and Security/Safetyprobably filled

Festival Merchandisevacant

Food Vendorsfilled

Greeter Supervisorvacant


Info & Sales Tablesfilled

Instrument Checkfilled

Merchandise Vendorsvacant


Raffleprobably filled

Signs & Suppliesfilled

Volunteer Coordinatorvacant

Volunteer Callersvacant

Online Volunteer Site Coordinatorvacant