Workshops A to Z

Accordion Workshop
Art Peterson
A short history of the piano accordion, with Q&A.
Concertina Workshop
Daniel Hersh, Jack Gilder and Riggy Rackin
Gospel Songs
Jerry Michaels and Marian Gade
Come sing and share spiritual songs from any tradition; goddess songs, chants, all are welcome.
In Harmony's Way Song Session (90 minutes)
Deborah Sandler
Come lead a song, request a song, or just sing along on drinking songs, gospel songs, sea shanties, camp songs, silly songs, sad songs, or anything else with a good chorus or refrain.
Irish Set Dancing Workshop
Michael Riemer
Jestival Joke-Sharing Session
Redmond O'Colonies
Learn to Play the Musical Saw - Saws Provided
Morgan Cowin
Learn the history of the musical saw, how to find one, and the basics of how it is played.
Pub Songs
Riggy Rackin
Songs traditionally sung in a pub.
Sea Songs
Dick Holdstock and Allan MacLeod
Songs of Innuendo (Bawdy Songs)
Arlene Immerman