The Chapel
Location: Upstairs

A place to worship the beauty and power of music.

Saturday, June 20, 2015
12:00pm Gospel Songs
Jerry Michaels and Marian Gade
Come sing and share spiritual songs from any tradition; goddess songs, chants, all are welcome.
1:00pm Songs of Innuendo (Bawdy Songs)
Arlene Immerman
2:00pm Possum Family Singers
The Possum Family Singers mix up Americana, Folk-Rock, and original songs with heart and harmony.
3:00pm Al'Azifoon featuring Monica Berini and the Zakiyya Dancers
Monica Berini and the Zakiyya Dancers will be accompanied by Al'Azifoon playing classical and modern Arabic music.
4:00pm Jestival Joke-Sharing Session
Redmond O'Colonies
5:00pm Ken Hayes and Friends
Ken Hayes plays a mix of original songs and old standards in an Americana vein.
6:00pm Redmond O’Colonies
7:00pm Yes M’am
8:00pm Don Burnham & Jeremy Cohen
9:00pm Strange Angels Blues Band
Hard working band, rockin' the dance and having a ball