Mokale'a Rhythm & Song
by Tony Elman

The "Mokale'a" Workshop is an exhiliarating journey into the heart of rhythm. Circle participants step. clap and sing (in beautiful harmony) using three distinct rhythms. This "tri-rhythmic" state (anyone can do it) produces heightened awareness and a sense of joy and bliss that can last for days. Sample comments.... ..."wow, that's fun!"....."challenging yet well worth it!"....."the most valuable musical training I've had"......."a profound experience".

Tony Elman founded Acorn Music in 1983 and has produced several acclaimed recordings, including his own popular hammered dulcimer series. Tony also composes songs, rounds, choral works and, most recently, rhythmsong patterns. Since 2002 he has been developing the "Mokale'a" Workshop, which he currently teaches in the Bay Area and will soon be teaching worldwide.

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