Sea Shanties
by Richard Adrianowicz & Peter Kasin

Sea shanties were the work songs of sailors before the invention of steam driven ships. They were used to coordinate the hoisting of sails, general hauling, and work at the capstan (raising the anchor), among others shipboard duties. Richard will briefly describe the different types of shanties and their use but the workshop will primary consist of as much singing as possible. Audience participation is encouraged.

Richard Adrianowicz

Richard's interest in traditional music began in the early 70s. He was part of several groups in the San Francisco Bay Area, the best known of which was Out of the Rain with whom he recorded two studio cassettes, "A Common Treasury" and "Song of the Wage Slave." Richard also produced a cd of the band, a compilation of live recordings comprised of songs and tune sets not found on the two cassettes. Most recently, Richard performed with Ricky Rackin in the nautical duet "R&R Ashore."

Richard has had an interest in sea music early on, having been inspired by hearing Jon Bartlett and Dick Holdstock at the San Diego Folk Festival around 1976. He is one of the regular shanty singers at San Francisco's Hyde Street Pier, which just celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the monthly shanty sings held aboard either the schooner C.A. Thayer or the square-rigger Balclutha. Richard has just released a solo CD of sea shanties and sea songs which features a chorus of singers from Hyde Street Pier.

Peter Kasin

Peter Kasin was raised in Berkeley, where he was exposed to folk music at an early age. He took up Irish fiddling in late 1985, and soon after, Scottish fiddling, inspired by hearing Alasdair Fraser perform. In 1989, Peter went to his first chantey sing at San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park after being inspired by a recording of Ewan MacColl and A.L. Lloyd. In the summer, 1991, before getting hired at Park, he crewed aboard a sailing replica of the BOUNTY, visiting East Coast ports and learning from local chantey singers. Peter currently leads the monthly chantey sings at the Maritime Park and organizes music for the Park's Festival Of The Sea. He, along with bandmates Shay Black, Dick Holdstock, and Riggy Rackin, is a member of the sea music band Nauticus, and is also active in the San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers. Peter's fiddle and voice can be heard on several maritime music recordings. His love of traditional music is almost exceeded by his love of Chinese and Italian food.


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