Marc Silber

For more than forty years, blues guitarist and songmaker Marc Silber has been known as a "musician's musician by an elite circle of players. Originally from Michigan, Marc hit the road in 1960 for Berkeley, eventually winding up in New York City in 1963 just as the burgeoning folk revival was hitting its stride. There he founded and ran FRETTED INSTRUMENTS, the legendary Greenwich Village music store, with Izzy young of the New York Folklore Center.

Before it closed in 1967, Fretted Instruments was the gathering point for the great musicians who shaped the era. A typical day might find folks like Mississippi John Hurt, Reverend Gary Davis, Bob Dylan, John Sebastian, Maria Muldaur, Elizabeth Cotten, David Grisman, and Mance Lipscomb hanging out and jamming, and Marc was right in the middle of it with his guitar.

As one of the first to recognize the intrinsic beauty and value of vintage instruments, he chose not to pursue a professional music career and returned to Berkeley, where he opened a music store (currently located at 2547-8th St., # 18-B) and museum. Through the years, he has continued to play his own deep-rooted music, making new songs and rewriting old ones, teaching blues guitar, and collecting, building, and repairing musical instruments. This is his first album, and it is about time the rest of the world gets to hear this wonderful musician.


SFFFF 2003: