Gender-free Contra Dance
by Chris Ricciotti

Chris Ricciotti has been calling dances since 1979; he started calling in 4-H Clubs and now calls all over New England and the U.S. Besides contras and squares, Chris also enjoys international, English, and Scottish dancing. He is very active in the gender-free dance community and is helping to organize a growing network of local gender-free dances across the nation, including community and family dances. Gender-free dancing lends itself easily to family dances as well as to adult dances; it is a fun way to learn both parts of the dance and a great way for kids and adults to dance together. Chris is skilled at calling to the level of experience in the room. He writes many dances himself, using figures that allow experienced dancers to have fun while not losing newcomers. (From a Fall CDS Newsletter story by Jean Krogh)


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