French Country Dancing
by Gary Breitbard and Jena Rauti

Gary Breitbard and Jena Rauti have studied French country dancing at home and abroad -- notably at Les Brayauds in Auvergne, St. Chartiers in Berry and "Grand Bal de l'Europe" in Bourbonnais. We have fallen in love with the simple but elegant form of the bourree.

The forms of the bourree are countless -- the many formations of this dance include circles, contra lines, and two-couple sets. Every village in central France and Auvergne has its own beloved variants. We love to teach these dances because of their accessibility and the joy they bring to dancers.

In addition to bourree, the French panoply of dance includes many other national and regional favorites. Among those that we teach are: Scottish, polka, valse, five-time valse, branle, rondeau, Carnival de Lanz.
We look forward to seeing you at the workshop.


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