by Bill and Louise Lidicker

We have been involved in international folk dance as dancers, teachers, and performers for many years. Of particular note, we have been invited to teach at five institutes sponsored by the Folk Dance Federation of California, were invited for a four day teaching stint in Taipei, Taiwan, taught on an Alaskan cruise, and taught “classic” couple dances at Stockton Folk Dance Camp three times. We have also taught and performed Czech dances at two local Czech festivals. Starting in 1996, we began going to the Czech Republic (four times in all) for special training in Czech and Slovak dances. We have had many fine teachers, but have been most influenced by Radek and Eva Rejšek. Russian folk dance has also been a special interest of ours. In the last few years, we have taught and performed Russian dance for several Russian club parties and at two Russian festivals.

In these two workshops, we plan to teach both partner and non-partner dances from the Czech Republic and from Russia.


SFFFF 2004: