Free Movement Veil Dancing
by Heidi Sapere

Come one come all to this terrific workshop of free-form: dancing, playing, following, creating, and learning from each other to just-have-fun with veils and movement to beautiful music. If you can move you can do this workshop! No experience necessary. It's a big hit with kids, parents, and the kid in you. Heidi taught this workshop at Lark in the Morning Music Camp - it was a blast! The creative possibilities being endless... creating tents, to caves, to hidden beings, to a 6 person whorl wind, and becoming beautiful dancers, players, and performers in the process!

Come join her in this once in a life time experience to let your hair down and be free through veils and movement.

Heidi's been moving to music all her life from the time she could walk, studying dance seriously since age 13. Heidi's studied at Napa Valley Dance Center, Napa High, and Napa Junior Collage with Rec Russell and others instructors - Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Improvisation and free-form. She's also a choreographer who choreographed and performed three solo pieces at Napa Collage for their once a year dance showcase.

Since Heidi has moved to Berkeley, she's currently studying ballet at Berkeley Ballet Theater, Irish Ceili at the Starry Plough and St. Steven's Green in Los Altos, ballroom at Friday Night Waltz, Gaskells Ball and The Allegro. Heidi continues her free-form movement at the Dance Jam happening in Berkeley on Friday nights. Her true love has always been free-form free-movement with combining all different elements, props and styles to express beauty and life. Having dyslexia, Heidi expressing herself through the spoken word was always a challenge especially when growing up. Through movement she found a voice and a away to connect with people beyond words. It's always been a dream of her's to create movement with others to music - having fun!


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